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The story of Mr Chuks(pseud) is a story of “all man for himself, God for us all”. Mr Chuks left his village to hustle for a better life but was confronted with bitter disappointments.  On getting to  Abuja. The search for greener pasture led him into criminal custody.

Chuks(pseud) left his village, after agreeing with a distant relative who lives in Abuja to come over in search of greener pastures.

On Chuks arrival to Abuja, the relative refused to show up and take Chuks in as agreed and Chuks had to resort to making ends meet by doing menial jobs during the day and seeking shelter anywhere the night finds him.

On this unfortunate night for Chuks, he was sleeping inside a parked car near a mechanic workshop on the street of Abuja when a police patrol on duty arrested and detained him at the police station.

In the morning, Gavel’s legal team in Abuja received a call for help on behalf of Chuks who was detained for sleeping around on the street.

Our team responded and secured his unconditional release from custody. The team also supported him with transport fares back to his village in the east.

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Taiwo Makanjuola

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