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How to Handle Loan App Defamation and Harassment in Nigeria.

How to Handle Loan App Defamation and Harassment in Nigeria.

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This is a true life story of how Femi (Pseudo), with the help of a Podus lawyer, escaped defamation and harassment from a loan app.

Femi lived in Lagos, a bustling city in Nigeria. He was ambitious and hardworking, running his own small online business. When his business needed a boost, he turned to a popular digital loan app called “sharp sharp moni” for help. The app promised quick funds without the hassle of traditional bank paperwork or collateral.

However, Femi’s excitement turned to despair when his business hit a rough patch, and he struggled to repay the loan on time. Instead of understanding his situation, the loan app started sending hurtful messages and threats to Femi’s friends and family, falsely accusing him of being a fraudster who absconded with company funds; he was labelled a chronic debtor. Sharp sharp moni also circulated a picture of Femi with the caption “Femi is a fraudster and is wanted by the Nigerian police” to all his contacts, tarnishing his good reputation.

Feeling upset and embarrassed, Femi decided to take action and seek justice for the harm he had endured. He reached out to a lawyer on who schooled him on a few steps he could take to stand up against the loan app’s unethical and illegal practices:

  1. Reach Out to Regulatory Authorities: Femi knew that loan apps like Sharp sharp moni were regulated by authorities like the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) and the National Information and Technology Development Agency (NITDA). He decided to write a formal complaint to these regulators, explaining the loan app’s actions and how they had defamed him. Femi hoped that by bringing attention to the issue, the regulators might take action against “sharp sharp moni”, especially as he learned that in 2021, the National Information and Technology Development Agency (NITDA) penalized a popular Nigerian online lending platform, with a fine of ten million naira for privacy invasion and breach of data privacy rights. 
  2. Protect Your Rights: Femi had heard about data privacy rights and their importance. He realized that the loan app had breached his privacy by sharing his personal information without his consent. Femi’s lawyer on explained that he could take legal action to protect his rights and seek compensation for the harm caused.
  3. Take Legal Action: Femi decided to take the loan app to court for defamation. He collected evidence of the defamatory and false messages they had sent to his family and friends and documented how they had damaged his reputation. With the help of the lawyer he was connected with on, Femi filed a lawsuit against Sharp sharp moni, seeking justice and compensation for the false accusations and the damage caused to his good reputation. 
  4. Report to Law Enforcement: Femi also reported the loan app’s actions to the police. He explained how they had harassed and defamed him through messages. The police took his complaint seriously and started an investigation into the matter. Femi hoped that this would lead to the loan app being held accountable for its actions.

Just like Femi, people are encouraged to take action against illegal and unethical loan app practices. You can do this by signing up at, where you get connected to a lawyer easily and promptly. Femi’s steps to fight against defamation and violation of data privacy rights are a guide for others facing similar challenges. Justice is possible with the right steps and determination. 

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Rachael Adio


  • Please I’m in same position too
    My loan was supposed to due yesterday and they started sharing my details when the due date hasn’t pass. Please I want to make them face the law. They violate their rules

  • Please I have similar case and it happened today. They messaged my contacts that I am dead, sent to some that I am a ritualist

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