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Gender Discrimination in the Workplace in Nigeria

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Unequal power relations among genders in employment has been a socio-cultural norm in Nigeria for ages long. The ever-growing roles and involvement of females in the labour force market remain undermined and trivialized. 

The female gender still encounters obstacles in the workplace when it comes to equal pay and decisions making in a work-friendly environment. 

The need for enlightenment and awareness on the economic rights and opportunities for women has become more pertinent. In the majority of the world’s social construct, women are considered inferior to the male gender.

Section 42 of the Nigerian constitution provides for freedom from discrimination based on ethnicity, place of origin, SEX, religion, and political opinion. The right ensures equal treatment and opportunities for workers in the economic stratosphere irrespective of their gender. 

Gender discrimination in the workplace can be seen in the method of employment, selection of whom to employ, access to promotion, transfer, salary, and benefits, allocation of responsibilities, and many more. 

Nowadays, women strive to attain high educational standards and certifications in a bid to compete for managerial posts and have a seat at the table of decision-making.

Although the Nigeria Labour force is experiencing a structural change as we move to a more robust economical space, the inclusion of women in this scale-up is ever more instrumental and should be encouraged by all means. 

Structural gender inequality, bias and discrimination should be curbed and eradicated in society. The provision of an enabling environment for job opportunities, flexible workspace to accommodate family life and encourage female educational aspirations.

Tunmise Olubusi a Communications Associate at Citizens’ Gavel writes from Ibadan, Oyo State. He can be reached at:

Edited by Taiwo Makanjuola, Communications Associate, Citizens’ Gavel. She can be reached at

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