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A slow and draggy justice delivery system has left many Nigerians rotten behind bars for countless years. On 11th February 2022, Gavel hosted a space on Twitter that lasted for two hours. Participants tuned in to opine and converse on how we can increase the pace of justice delivery in Nigeria alongside some dignified players in the Nigeria Justice sphere. The panellists invited were:

  • Olusegun Onigbinde – BudgiT Foundation
  • Nelson Olanipekun – Citizens’ Gavel
  • Ijeoma Nwafor – Hague Institute of innovation of law
  • Gbenga Sesan – Paradigm initiative
  • Abdul Mahmud – Lawyer
  • Mr. Bede Akorah – Global Rights

Some extracts from the panellists’ conversation on the space are;

Nelson Olanipekun, Team Lead, Citizens’Gavel.

“We need to know that power does not shift hands until it is asked for, if we don’t engage with the judicial process, the challenges will keep increasing.”

Bede Akorah, Global Rights.

“We need to employ technology in our judicial system in Nigeria, this ought to have started 10 years ago…there is also a need for departmentalization in the judiciary which will increase the pace of Justice delivery.”

Ijeoma Nwafor, Hague Institute for Innovation of Law.

“We must address the issue of innovation, the justice sector seems to be dragging its feet in this regard.”

Gbenga Sesan, Executive Director, Paradigm initiative.

“Data is useless if not acted on… we must become better friends with data, there must be action based on data, and this data must be used for advocacy especially as citizens…”
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