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Much too often, innocent citizens striving to make ends meet are accosted daily by rogue police officers who commit different human rights violations.

However, amidst these recalcitrant officers are the “good guys”; patriotic officers who have consistently shown kindness to citizens put their lives on the line, and have upheld the oaths of their profession with discipline and utmost diligence.

These “ASKARI WEY CORRECT” ought to be recognized and celebrated.

Thus, we created an avenue to give due recognition and award to patriotic officers particularly those who have displayed excellence and utmost professionalism in the performance of their public duty to citizens and Nigeria as a country. 

This is achieved through a public nomination and fact-finding background check. Officers who have exhibited professional conduct worthy of praise and recognition in the eyes of the public are thereafter rewarded along with an excellence award.

This initiative seeks to encourage and motivate officers who have shown exemplary behavior in the line of duty while also believing that the same recognition will spur other officers to exemplify good behavior in furtherance of their public duty regardless of location knowing that citizens are watching.

Written by Taiwo Makanjuola, Communications Associate, Citizens’ Gavel. She can be reached at

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Taiwo Makanjuola

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